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***  Please note that I have moved to a new location near Los Feliz. I am also available for phone readings! Please check your email carefully for details and to make sure you have booked the time/day you desire. Thank you!

Have you ever wanted to get your cards read, but were too scared?

Have you ever gone to a ‘bad’ reader and would like to try again, but need someone who is experienced, legitimate and gentle?

I have been reading Tarot for over 16 years.  I was drawn to the cards and started studying them in the 8th grade.  My mother’s friend Marilyn always read for us on New Years and the accuracy of the cards always held a fascination for me. I was given the message from a medium I visited in L.A. (also named Marilyn). that I was meant to pick up my cards again, and start a more dedicated path with them. The universe has a great sense of humor sometimes. It has become an amazing flexible job to help support my dreams of acting as a career path.  

I have been told over and over, that the readings I give have been the best and most accurate of people’s lives.  I love seeing the astonishment in my clients’ faces of the accurate and detailed view of their lives in the cards coupled with my intuitive messages for them.  They often hug me at the end, and sometimes even cry of relief.  I have been the official reader for Hiatus spa in Dallas as well as currently at Phara’s restaurant on North Loop here in Austin.  I am primarily a freelance reader, doing fairs and events.  I also do readings out of my home.

 What people say is strange about me is how ‘normal’ I look.  I was sort of the ‘medicine woman’ of my sorority.  I read for all of my sisters as well as doing dream interpretation etc.  My calling grew in college to do this when everyone was wondering why I didn’t make it into a business.  I studied for many more years, before I did.  I wanted to feel that my clients were for sure getting their money’s worth, and that I was worthy enough as a reader to do this professionally.  

It is very important that you listen to your own intuition when choosing a reader. You wouldn’t feel comfortable with just any therapist, nor will you with just any reader.  I know people who have felt very uncomfortable with other readers.  You know whose energy feels ‘right’ to you.  Trust your gut. There are a lot of amazing readers out there, but there are bad ones too. 

Tarot is more about clarifying your life now, in order to better prepare for a future that will be satisfying to you.  It also shows how the past is effecting you today.  The cards are a tool coupled with intuition to help understand the energetic forces in your life, and how to better use them to accomplish your goals and overcome obstacles.  I am very big on your finding your own authenticity and learning to listen to your own 'gut.'

Many Blessings friends!

             -Megan Le Fey                          


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